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Studio Three Classes


Weaving Classes
: Conne Graham and Patti Perkins (Patti Perkins is available on Thursdays, from 1:00 - 3:00 to answer your knitting questions. There is no charge for this service.)

Spinning Classes:
Patti Perkins will take you from carding raw wools to spinning plied yarn; using drop spindle and spinning wheel. Contact Studio Three for more information and/or to schedule a class to meet your individual needs.

Knitting Classes: Instructor may vary. Please see the information below on numerous individual or group classes available.

Crochet Classes: Susan Jeffers, formerly of the Fiber Shop. (Ms. Jeffers is available to answer crochet questions for a small fee from 1:00 - 3:00 on the last Friday of every month.) 


  • Classes are scheduled by appointment, call the Studio or just stop in. 
  • A loom will be provided for the duration of the class.
  • Beginning Weaving is $95. All other classes are $95 (with a $10 discount if you are using your own table loom). 
  • A deposit is due at time of registration with the balance payable at first class meeting. 
  • You will receive a personal notebook for each class with instructions, handouts and references. 
  • All classes, except beginning weaving, meet for 4 sessions. The fourth session being an independent class with a one-on-one with the instructor.
  • Supply and material costs vary per class. Please check with the instructor.
  • Want to learn something that’s not listed? Just ask!

WEAVING CLASSES OFFERED (for more details on Studio Three's weaving classes, please download this pdf listing )

Beginning Weaving 

Intermediate Beginning Weaving 

Name Drafting

Tips and Tricks


Color Gamp
Double Weave

Lace Weaving

Summer and Winter

Additional Classes (such as Huck Sampler, Thick and Thin, etc.) Please call if you have a specific interest; we are confident we will be able to meet your needs.


  • Skill levels are listed for each class. It is assumed that each student is already familiar with the techniques required for the class.
  • Classes are scheduled by appointment, call the Studio or just stop in. Instruction times are based on classroom availability on Fridays and Saturdays during store hours 10am – 4pm.  Additional days and/or times may be available on a limited basis.
  • Payment in full is due at time of registration. Customer cancellation: Instructional Credit can be given for class fee only with notice of one full week. Rescheduling a missed class is based on instructor availability. 
  • Have a friend to bring along?  You will each receive a 20% discount on class prices.
  • Just need a couple of pointers on a project that has you temporarily stumped?  Come on in for open knit on Thursdays, 1-3 pm or give us a buzz and see if we’ve got 5-10 min. free time for a quick consult. Happy to help with those pesky little puzzlements!
  • ½ hour instructional times are available at a cost of $12.00
  • Want to learn something that’s not listed?  Just ask!

(for more details on Studio Three's knitting classes, please download this pdf listing )

Knitting Knovice: $75 for 3-wk session (90 minutes each); $90 for 4-wk session (4th session optional)  
You will be making a knit sampler for purposes of understanding the basic principles of knitting.

Knitting – The Knext Step:  $75 for 3-wk session (90 minutes each)
Have you learned to knit and are now ready to move on?  Want a bit more challenge?

Fixing Knitting Nasties: $25 for 1 session (90 minutes)
We all do it – mistakes happen. Don’t rip it all out and start over, don’t ignore it – learn to fix it!

Knitting in Circles/Basic Hat: $25 for 1 session (90 minutes)
Learn to knit in the round with circular and double point needles. 

Moebius Knitting/Placing Beads into your projects: $25 for 1 session (90 minutes)  

Beginning Lace: $70 for 2-week session (2 hours each)
It really isn’t as hard as it looks! Lace knitting and reading charts go hand in hand if you want to open up the widest choice of patterns for your knitting.  

Cables – Demystified: $25 for 1 session (90 minutes)
Cables look impressive and are easier than you think. You’ll love adding cables to accent garments and accessories. 

Color Gamp Class
Twill Color Gamp Class
Summer and Winter Class

Lace Class